Our Programming

The success of the G.A.T.E. Coalition is thanks to our volunteers, participants, AND the strength of our programming. We offer five core programs geared toward specific interests and educational pursuits. Each program is designed to help children foster talents, learn new skills, and improve leadership skills while having fun. The aim is to show children the ways in which the skills they learn can be applicable to the real world and to help them reach their goals.

Young Writers Workshop – 2020

Our newest program opens February 2020 and will be an excellent opportunity for children from elementary – high school to learn more about the craft of writing! Whether you’ve been interested in creative writing for years or you’re curious to try it for the first time – all are welcome! The YWW program promises to be a fun experience for everyone who participates.

If you have any interest in joining, please reach out to Beth at Beth@G8Denver.org

Community Kids Activities for Health

This is a great program for active kids who like sports and exercise. Obesity and poor physical health are nationwide concerns for American youth. This program helps children learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, and form lifelong habits for nutrition and fitness. In this program, children work with a nutrition specialist to learn more about how their bodies work and what to feed them for great health. Children cook healthy snacks and meals as part of programming. They’re also introduced to a host of fun fitness activities. This could include weight lifting, yoga and pilates, cross-country running, indoor soccer, swimming, rock-climbing, and so much more.

Future Billionaires Club

Kids with a STEM interest are a big fan of this group. A combination of Math and other STEM activities guide this group toward financial success and innovation. Kids learn more about financial literacy, good spending and saving habits, budgeting, and financial planning. A mix of STEM activities and projects helps mix things up and keep things interesting. Kids may try coding, robotics, and chemistry experiments. The goal each year is for group members to start a business together. They are in charge of choosing the product, creating a business model, budgeting, selling, and production.

Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP)

This is a great leadership program for social kids that want to promote health and give back to the community. The program is a place for Denver children to gather and have fun in a safe, healthy environment. The program is a mix of children in at-risk environments, children who have a family member that struggles with addiction, teens who have used in the past, and kids who are interested in prevention and health. Children’s personal history with substance abuse is completely confidential and handled with respect. The program is a place for kids and teens from all walks of life to learn and grow together as they’re introduced to substance abuse prevention programming and spread their knowledge to their community. Participants are advocates for substance abuse prevention at local schools and health fairs and decide the best ways to spread their message whether that’s through skits, videos, posters, or inviting others to group activities.

Mentor+ Program

Social butterflies who love fun have a great time at the Mentor+ Program, but so do shy kids that are looking for friendship and connection. Each participant is paired with a mentor. Elementary children can be paired with teens or adults, and teen participants will have a college student or community member as a mentor. Each mentor is background-checked and receives training on how to connect with children, help them improve self-esteem, and help them discover talents and interests. Mentor pairs do some individual activities together, but our program specializes in group activities for mentor pairs. There are plenty of chances for educational fun that enriches the lives of both mentors and mentees. Activities include team building exercises, group sports, trips to museums and local art activities, park cookouts, and more.

On-Track Tutoring Program

This program is specifically for children who feel they need academic support. Each participant is assigned a tutor who meets with the participant once or twice a week to help them with homework and other school projects. We study together in a quiet environment and when homework time is done, an hour is reserved for fun activities and snack time. Tutors not only help with homework, but they also help students learn about organization and time management.